Monday, November 23, 2009

Some bad tantrums.. backing down on B12 a bit

Well, Adam's had an interesting past few days.

Last Tuesday, he was due for a shot, and had a rather bad day. He was not terribly productive at speech therapy. And at some point during the day, Grandma told him no about something he wanted on TV, and he had a big tantrum. She tried ignoring him per our usual tack of letting him work out his emotions, but he sorta snuck up on her and slapped her hard enough that she saw stars. Not good. We wanted to roll back from 0.075mL to 0.05 for that night's dose based on all that, but apparently the word didn't get to Dad reliably, and he got 0.075 again.

The following day (Wed 11/18), got a note from the teacher that for the past week, he's been quite a behavior problem at indoor recess and lunch. He wasn't listening to the lunch moms and getting into off-limits items during indoor recess. He was doing individual work well, though and was making progress, but he was also asking for things and crying and tantruming when he didn't get his way.

Then, Thursday (shot + 2 days) he had the best day EVER. He came home from school, took a pilgrim hat out of his bag, and put it on my wife's head. He's never had the slightest interest in anything in his book bag before, much less take it out and do something with an item, indicating he was putting concepts together, or had a plan for something. He also rocked his occupational therapy session and did awesome.

Friday was unremarkable. We struggled to figure out what to do and if we had enough data points at 0.075 to damn the B12 about the horrible week/day/slapping, and that over the weekend we could gamble a little.

Saturday (shot + 3days, due for shot in the evening) was awful. Worst ever. He had heinous meltdowns and drove everyone nearly insane at Grandma/Dad's/Uncles. He got a new Wheel of Fortune game for some reason, and he has a long history of going insane over hearing the word Bankrupt. This hadn't been an issue for a LONG time now, but boy he got Bankrupt spun, someone uttered the word, and he went berzerk. He was throwing things, sobbing uncontrollable, and was bad enough that his dad thought Adam might clear off an entire knick knack table of stuff, Adam was throwing so many things. He got 0.075 that night, as we didn't hear about this behavior until the next day (Sunday).

Sunday was unremarkable--he was pretty good/normal. Monday (today), he read a book sitting between his uncle and his dad reading every word to them, and we got no news of bad behavior (he's off school this week and at Grandmas). He's also a little under the weather with some mild cold symptoms today.

If the prior progression continues, tomorrow should be a wild ride with him as it'll be shotday + 3. We'll see. It's as though at the higher dose, day 3 gives him much more of a letdown and he's becoming more violent and wanting to throw things?

We will start tomorrow with 0.05mL and dosing every 2 days. We never had any violence issues or much throwing of stuff at 0.05mL--he just sorta petered out and got stimmy and short attention spanny on day 3.

School meeting tomorrow morning --we'll see how he's progressing in more detail from his MLP teacher.

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