Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stimmy again

Adam's been ok the past week, though yesterday he was really into commercials again. It was the day he was due for B12, for whatever it's worth. I didn't see how he was much the prior 2 days as Aunt and grandma were out of town, but today we spent some time with Adam, the 3 year old, Adam's dad for about 45 minutes, and boy did we hear a lot of 773-202-LUNA and Geico references. I asked his dad how much he'd been on the computer the prior day and he said "a couple hours." Ugh. Turn the fucking internet off for him! How hard is it, people? I didn't comment or preach--lord knows I've done plenty of that--so I let it slide, and maybe Dad drew his own conclusions based on my observation of the commercial stims and the question. But, all the same, you do have to pick your battles, and Adam was happy, and really really enjoyed rolling in the leaves. There was a sensory thing going on there for sure, and he seemed to like the crunch and the feeling of the leaves cascading over him when he threw them up, and all. The boys played well together too, which was pleasant.

Adam's dad's been doing ok, though he's had at least one lapse of sobriety last week. He felt so awful the next day though he hasn't been inclined to go back. It was, inconveniently, an evening when Adam was due for a B12 shot, which his Dad has gotten very good at giving. Apparently, Adam is the least resistant to a shot from his Dad than anyone, so Dad's been doing the last 3 or 4 of them actually, which is a great relief to me. When the other uncle tried to administer the shot in Dad's absence, it became a farce. LOL. Guys without kids caring for kids is pretty funny sometimes. I drove over and managed to calm Adam down enough to administer the shot with Grandma's help. After that Adam calmed down a bit. It's funny how easily Adam will soak up unease and tension in people's voices and then turn around and freak out himself.

Dad has actually done well with grandma and my wife being out of town here the past few days though, and has brought Adam over each day to have the bus pick Adam up here in front of our house. It's great to see them interact more and spend more time together in a positive way.

Finally, Adam had a tantrum last night that was actually Windows XP related. Some computer game he was playing blue screened or something and he just lost it, sobbing, yelling and the like. This was after he got his shot, but not that long after. We haven't seen any head ticks or the like which is good.

The wife and grandma return tonight. We'll probably keep Adam over at grandmas/dad's for another night since they're getting home pretty late.

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