Friday, November 13, 2009

They Day Adam nearly died from Autism (for those considering the calm of a fishtank)

Recycled from an email to a friend:

Years ago, Grandma used to have a very big 40 (60?) gallon fishtank in the house where Adam and his dad and uncles lived. That was, until one day, Adam crawled up on top of his computer monitor down below to the left, up on top of the glass topped fish tank, broke through the glass, got wet, freaked out, started shrieking, and somehow without cutting himself got off the cracked glassed top, and when uncle H found him, was standing on top of the CRT monitor, dripping into it, monitor sparking and internally arcing. Adam, uncut, unelectrocuted was safely retrieved.

Fishtank was drained and dismantled within 3 hours. Scary.

So... given the upkeep pains (oy... and they are a pain in the ass to keep clean even without kids) and this experience of what autistic kid can do when he has no appropriate fear, maybe a DVD of a fishtank or an elaborate fishtank screensaver may be a better fit for anyone considering a fishtank.

Otherwise, I might suggest a smallish fishtank with a fish tank cleaning service, a Lexan top impenetrably fastened, and no CRT monitors or electrical equipment anywhere nearby might avoid all possible detriments!

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