Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adam's supplement and drug regimen

I wanted to add a snapshot of his supplement and drug regimen for posterity, as it does change over time.

From the pharma world, things that really seem to help him are Flovent, a long-acting inhaler for his asthma, and Singulair. We've tried to take him off Flovent a few times, and every time we do, we seem to quickly end up regretting it. I'll mention that these two alone weren't enough to keep him clear at night, and it was only with the addition of diet and to a lesser extent supplementation that we really started seeing him be totally clear at night and in the day with respect to stuffiness and the asthma cough. He's also on a daily anti-fungal to help deal with gut yeast overgrowth. This really did improve the poop situation, and rather than having a mushy mess that wasn't formed, after a month or so of being on this, we started seeing normal looking poop.

Note that unless you're in the autism community, it's normal to think "ewwwww..." But in autismland, we talk about poop a lot, because it is a universal issue it seems. Autism poop has its own delightful god awful smell...now ya know.

Final note: we didn't just start him on this wad of crap. This was carefully and methodically phased in one at a time over a period of a week, with doses tweaked based on blood testing all under the supervision of our DAN doc. Adam's an 8 year old, 60lb kid.

To be given in the morning (between 7am-8am)
Probiotic (capsule – in blue bottle) 1 caps. Give 30 minutes before breakfast. Keep in fridge! This is a 12-strain active probiotic. As the theory goes, autistic kids gut issues have to do with the imbalance of yeast and good bacteria. Oral antibiotics rape and pillage good gut flora (bacteria) and probiotics help restore that. If you've ever seen a Danon yogurt commercial, Acidophilus is just one probiotic strain. In Europe, apparently, they prescribe probiotics any time they have to Rx an oral antibiotic to help keep all this in balance.
Caprylic Acid 1 caps.
Cod liver oil (liquid – in blue bottle) 1 tsp. Brain function, goof omega-3's and stuff, apparently.
Super Nu-Thera (liquid multi vitamin heavy on B vitamins which autistic kids don't get enough of and/or absorb poorly) 1 tsp.
Magnesium (powder – in big white container) ¼ tsp.
Vitamin C (Buffered Ascorbic Acid-powder) ¼ tsp.
Diflucan (Fluconazole-anti-fungal Rx) tablet (give w/food) ½ tablet Diflucan is an anti-fungal that actively attacks fungus overgrowth in the bowel.
Grapefruit Seed Extract (with lots of white grape juice) 10 drops GSE is a natural enemy of fungus.
ActiFolate 1 tablet
P5P (yellowish tablet) 1 tablet
Super Vit. B Complex 1 caps.

To be given between 12pm-3pm
Zinc (capsule – in small white bottle),1 capsule every 3 days
Cod liver oil (liquid – in blue bottle) 1 tsp.
Grapefruit Seed Extract (with lots of juice) 10 drops
Magnesium (powder – in big white container) ¼ tsp.
Vitamin C (Buffered Ascorbic Acid-powder) ¼ tsp. Helps with the immune system, and all that jazz.
Vitamin D3 (1 drop add to cod liver #3) 1 drop
CoQ10 1 caps.

To be given in the evening – late PM (7:30pm-8pm)
methyl B12 shot (1250mcg/0.05mL) 1/2ML once every 3 days
Singulair (pink tablet, Rx for asthma and lung repair) 1 tablet He's been on this forever it seems.
Diflucan (Fluconazole) tablet (give w/dinner) ½ tablet
Flovent Inhaler (long acting asthma Rx) 44mcg 1 puff He's been on this for a long long time too.
Caprylic Acid 1 caps.
Probiotic (capsule – in blue bottle) 1 caps.

On a time available basis I'll fill in what each is supposed to be doin for him.

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