Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cod liver oil update

The wife stumbled on this this article from Mercola's website. 


Now, Mercola is a pretty heavy hitting name in natural health stuff... and I won't bore you of our HORRIBLE experience at his Hoffman Estates clinic with Adam when we tried to go there for want of a close DAN! doctor (summary: staff marginal at best, whole thing seems to be geared toward separating you from your money, and there are some things they espouse that broke our HokeyMeter--emotional freedom technique?  EMF killing us in immeasurable ways?),  but it is interesting to read this new info on the interaction of vitamins A and D.  

Vitamin D has been shown to be a huge + in so many things and its deficiency seems to be a big deal in a lot of maladies.  This was even mentioned by my ER doc friend when I was recently talking with him, so it's not stuff that's confined to the natural health nutjob sphere of medicine. When there's overlap between western and natural medicine, my ears always perk up.   In other Vitamin D news, apparently 50,000 IU a day if you get the flu can be a very very good thing.  There's a compounding pharmacy locally that's selling a "flu kit" by prescription that includes Vit D dosing and other goodies for battling off the flu.   

At any rate, we'll be asking our DAN doc whether this new research suggests any change in his cod liver oil dose/brand/whatever.    

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