Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sleep and diflucan

Adam's been sleeping well I should briefly mention. The bedtime routine is good, and we're not having any of the sleep disturbances we had to work through when we added prior things his regimen.

We are still letting him sleep with a low wattage light on in the room, and haven't tried turning that off.

Back when the diflucan was introduced to him, our normally rock solid sleeper got disturbed. We started having sleep problems, and then there was a trip we all went on that he slowly recovered from and wouldn't sleep by himself again for a time, but he's back to normal now, sleeping through the night, refreshed in the morning, and not bugging anyone to have to sleep with him. Before he got back into this good place with sleep, we'd fight a little to get him to bed, I'd have to sleep next to him (he sleeps with Dad or Grandma at the other house), and he'd frequently wake during the night and demand that I go back to sleep next to him. All that's gone now, thankfully, and it just occurred to me that it maybe deserved a note.

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