Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Expressive Language Step Forward

Grandma said that last night, Adam had a stuffy nose, and actually--for the first time--told her "I can't breathe, Grandma."

Doesn't seem like a big deal to most, but he's never come out and really said anything like this before, let alone in a full sentence. Baby steps...

Then again, right now, he's at his computer with one ear pressed to his right shoulder, the other ear covered by his left hand, and mousing away, talking about credit card miles, assumably to drown out the Veggi Tales DVD in the background. Should I offer him the earmuff noise killing headphones so he can keep his neck straight? LOL.

And then, before therapy today, he had a tantrum over having to get his own coat. On the floor, crying "A Saen, Ah Saen" ("aunt Saen" in Adam's 2nd language). When he was ignored enough, he finally got it himself, and slammed the door a few times to let us know he was mad. He also beat on the van window a couple times to express his anger. Expressing his anger this way is new--usually it'd just be the colossal meltdown. I'm keeping an eye on these outbursts because he's a pretty strong kid, and he knows if there's something that'll get his aunt and uncle's goat, it's pulling the hair or otherwise doing things to his 3 year old cousin. Happily it hasn't been any sort of issue other than a couple hair pulling episodes, but you always have to watch for something new.

Not sure what's up with this tantruming--he had his B12 shot yesterday, but maybe he's having some transition problems getting back into the groove after our long weekend away whilehe's been over at grandma/dad's.

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